Monday, July 11, 2011

oral test

oral test pentaksir yg aku ta kenai.
appraiser was a chinese woman
i only read for 2 paragraph/then she asked me to stop. i present about a novel tittle whispering knight n i did synopsis on it.. she asked me 'i prompt to like more mysterious stories,why?' after i mumbling n she asked me next question, 'most teenager loves love story,did'nt u? sorry,for love story i prefer malay novel, i' m a big fan of pirates of carribean, more problem tat we can faced. the big news is
 i tak dapat plkn !
yes yes yes///coz aku mmng ta larat nak pi kem dah..selama ini dah bnyak kem aku dah pergi..smpai kuar skula semua..tengs kpm !

moga2 aku dapat 9A+ !
amin ! 

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